Canada Day 2018

I live in a country that is not my own. I wasn't born here.
I live in a country that I didn't choose. It was my parents choice.
I am a citizen of this country, but not of my own choice. It was my father's choice, and because I was 14 at the time, I was enfolded into that choice.

But I am thankful for this country, it is my home, though not my native land.
Over the years I have been developing an even greater desire to seek the best and give my best for this country, Canada; for the beautiful diversity of people who come to call it home.

Pastor Tim Gibb from Bethel Church - Sarnia sharing on the Foundations of Canada
in Centennial Park, Sarnia, Ontario
This past Canada Day, it was a great privilege to bring together several different areas of my life. With Canada Day on a Sunday, a group of churches committed to having a church service in the park. A demonstration of faith, as well as a proclamation of our love for the Lord and for our country.

Centre Block - Parliament Buildings, Ottawa

It was a great joy to bring along our church family to unite with other brothers and sisters from across our city. It was a great joy to partner with other clergy members from across our city. It was a great joy to honour our local Member of Parliament, Marilyn Galdu. It was powerful to sing the "God Keep Our Land Glorious and Free!" together with other faith filled followers of Jesus!

For an excellent summary of this very unique service, read this post by Caleb Courtney. 

I was asked to share a 5 minute devotional on the future of Canada. A few have asked about that message. Here it is:

My name is Deve Persad and it’s a privilege to serve as the Lead Pastor at the SEMC, the Sarnia Evangelical Missionary Church

As I think about the future of Canada, the 
The Lords Prayer seems particularly valuable, some of you remember how he taught us to pray:

Our Father, who art in heaven 
Hallowed be your name
Your kingdom come , your will be done 
On earth as it is heaven 
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
And lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from evil 
For thine is the kingdom 
The power and the glory
Forever and ever amen

If our past was started with promise and the present can be looked on often with confusion, critique and callousness, then the future of our country needs to be infused with hope, knowing that only God can keep our land glorious and free. And that the best chance for our city and nation rests with those who are informed by the Spirit of God with eternal hope that approaches each day with our eyes fixed continually on the Kingdom of Peace and Blessing that is promised through faith in Jesus Christ.  

The future for our nation requires:
  1. People to pray persistently. Jesus says “when” not if. He inferred prayer as a regular practice. 
  1. Live as simple Strangers in this land- remembering that as followers of Jesus we have a different citizenship, through our Father in Heaven. We are thankful for each day and for each provision, great or small. 
  1. We will be difference making disciples of Jesus, obedient to His truth and allowing Kingdom clues to be worked through us, making a positive, godly difference in our homes, neighbourhoods and communities. In this way we live as positive contributors to the peace and progress of our city, honouring those whom God has placed in authority over us, knowing that our Heavenly Father remains sovereign over all. 
Not only will we pray persistently, live simply as strangers longing for home, and be difference making disciples. But fourthly...
  1. We are to be  generous givers toward others. Not hoarding the extra that is entrusted by God to us, but personally sharing it with those in need on a regular basis. 
  1. Let us be shaped by humble habits - understanding that we are first and foremost sinners saved by grace, forgiven through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  And we have now been enlisted as ambassadors of our heavenly home to likewise demonstrate and invite others to experience the forgiveness and grace of God. 
  1. We will influence with integrity - by the strength of the Spirit of God, in accordance of Gods truth, we will resist and flee temptations in all forms and no longer walk the line with evil. We will be distinctive not by only by our church attendance but our daily integrity in the schools, workplaces, teams, organizations and activities in which we participate. 

The future of our country needs:
From our home to yours: "Happy Canada Day!!"
Persistent prayer warriors
Live as Simple Strangers
Generous Givers
Difference making disciples
Humble habits
Influence with integrity

In so doing God’s favour will lead us forward. 

God keep our land glorious and free!!

Forever and ever...and all of God's Canada loving people said: amen!!


  1. Thank you for continued emphasis on serving God 1st then we will see the difference in our city and country. And for making it clear what our biblical response should be. I missed this celebration but very thankful we still live in a country that allows us to meet and share publicly. GOD REIGNS.


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