Glorious & Free

On June 28, 2020 a group of five churches came together, at Bethel Church, in Sarnia ON, Canada. It was a privilege to serve by giving the message: "Glorious & Free". Let's continue to pray for our country, our leaders, and be intentional about making a positive, Kingdom difference where we live across our land.

It was a drive in service, due to the COVID-19 restrictions for gathering in person. It was a wonderful evening of celebration as a city wide family of churches. You can view the whole service at this link. 

Here is the transcript as well as the video of the message:

“God Keep Our Land Glorious and Free” Romans 8:14-39
“God Keep Our Land Glorious and Free”
I love those words. I love to hear them sung, whether it’s in a class of elementary students, at a sporting event or before a gold medal hockey game. The power of those words continues to have a deepening impact on me, as I grow in appreciation for this country, my country, our country of Canada. 
Glory and Free…

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