Did You See That?

There we were, we two, on a beautiful fall day, I was laying down on the grass in the front of my house, staring up at the sky.     My young son (six at the time) lay beside me and we both took a break from the work we had been doing and the games we had been playing.     The sky, it seemed, was a perfect blue, without a blemish, not a wisp of a cloud or streak of a jet plane.     The afternoon sun still shone brightly from the southwestern sky not yet ready to give up it’s place on this picture perfect day.          And as we lay there gazing up, it seemed as though the tree branches above stretched and reached themselves out toward the heavens.  The appearance was there that distance between the sky and the earth was growing smaller the longer we lay there and took it in.           On this particular tree, the leaves had already changed colour and some had separated from their summer station, early victims of the autumn metamorphosis.  Yet there were enough leaves left to catch the w

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