Why I Choose To Vote

  As followers of Jesus, we believe that God is Sovereign, that our citizenship is in Heaven and that we participate in the unfolding eternal Kingdom of God.  Therefore, our trust and our hope is not in any one political party. Rather our hope and trust is found in Jesus Christ: Our Saviour, Our Messiah, Our Prince of Peace, our Coming King.  However, until the time of the fullness of God’s Kingdom, we have responsibilities within the country we reside, Canada.   Photo by  Parker Johnson  on  Unsplash In our days, living in a democracy can seem increasingly messy as various worldviews collide on the political landscape.  Therefore, it is wise for us to prepare to exercise our right within the democracy, and vote in any elections.   As we prepare for a Federal Election on Monday, September 20, 2021 here are a few reminders, from my perspective:    -         I care about Canada so I will learn about the best (not perfect) public policies for these times, prior to voting, knowing that cam

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