Bringing Light to Dark Spaces

Street lighting was already being used in England. However, in the 1750’s,  Benjamin Franklin transformed the globe model lantern on the other side of the Atlantic.  His design used four separates straight sheets of glass, all sloped on an angle.    This way, should one pane of glass break, then the lamp could keep on shining and it wouldn’t require the whole lamp to be replaced.  He also used a vent at the top. The venting prevented the glass from becoming cloudy and darkened. It required less cleaning and therefore provided brighter light for a longer time.   When he felt ready with his design, he desired for others to recognize the benefits as well.  As postmaster in the city of Philadelphia,  he didn't try to persuade the people by talking or promotion.  He simply made his way out of his home, as the darkness was descending and hung a simply designed lantern on a long bracket in fro nt of his home. He kept the glass highly polished. Every evening at the approach of dusk, he car

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