Oh Canada - A Time to Lament

I have no commentary on the circumstances of our country over the last few weeks or two years. I don’t possess a depth of knowledge or necessary breadth of information that have shaped or misshaped our country. Nor am I equipped to effectively determine the way we move from here.  I know this…I have a sadness, an ache. It's a gnawing compulsion that we are losing the inherent goodness that comes, not just from being Canadian (which I love), but from being people. And I don’t think I’m alone in this. What has been lost won’t be easily regained through change in medical advice, political legislation, social pressure or religious rhetoric.  For me, this is a time to lament. “Lament is not simply feeling bad…Lament is not simply feeling sad…Lament is not asserting your right…Lament is not the passive acceptance of tragedy. Lament is not weakly assenting to the status quo. Lament is not simple the expression of sorrow to assuage the feelings of guilt and the burden of responsibility.” 

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