When Nothing Becomes Something

Some cheeses, you can tell apart by the texture, or by their smell, and of course by their taste. But there is at least one piece of cheese that you can distinguish from all the others because of nothing. You don’t have to taste it, or smell it or even touch it. You can simply see it…yes, swiss cheese stands apart from all other cheese contenders. As far back as 1917, scientists were considering these holes of nothingness in Swiss cheese and concluding that they were formed by carbon dioxide being released through the several week process of combining specific bacteria, allowing just the right amount of fermentation, plus some heating and cooling. [i] There are holes in the cheese, through the entire block of cheese. In fact, it’s the accumulation of nothing that makes this cheese something. We pay full price for this cheese, even a little more, despite the fact that there are holes… Because of nothing…we recognize this cheese as being something. In fact, a piece of swiss cheese of

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