A New Year Prayer for Growth

A new year and a new decade. For many it can be a time of reflection and for some a time to consider possible changes. One thing is certain: Time once used, cannot be regained. Therefore invest time it wisely and with a greater enduring purpose. This prayer may help: 

Lord, help me to prioritize people, 
eating with them, enjoying their company…
because when I do, God is there.

Teach me to be generous with those who are poor, 
because Jesus is among them blessing them 
in ways that my consumption habits prevent me from seeing. 

Retool my thinking and guide my actions 
in order to provide better care for the beautiful world 
that you have created prevent me from seeing. 

May my arms be a welcoming place for the laughter and hopes of children, as well as their tears and fears, 
so that they know Jesus is present to hold them closer still. 

Grant me the humility to draw close enough to feed the hungry and clothe the needy, 
because Jesus is there getting fed and waiting to be welcome.

Fill me with mercy to visit the sick and those who are trapped by injustice, 
because Jesus is with them 
and there is much to learn from him through them.

Teach me to pray, to talk to Jesus,
intentionally directing my thoughts and words and to God, 
because He bends low to listen, to receive and to act. 

Allow me to pray with others, hear them speak to Our Father in Heaven, 
because when we do, 
Jesus joins with us.

Soften me through forgiveness, 
in both giving and receiving 
so that your grace may be more evident through my life. 

Allow me to not only see some hints of your Kingdom at work, 
but also help me to point it out to others, 
that they may turn to you and trust your ways. 

Give me a greater depth of love for others, 
to proclaim that Jesus is the Saviour of the world, 
fearlessly, because God’s power enables me and God's love compels me. 

Free me from the excuses of inconvenience, 
difficulty and even suffering, 
that the sufficiency of your grace may increase my capacity to serve your eternal purposes.

Embolden my voice against the injustice that prevails, 
shining light into the dark places commonly ignored by those who choose not notice.

Use me as an ambassador of your peace, the shalom of God, 
with those whose lives are restless, 
because Jesus is willing to carry their burden and walk with them. 

Increase the simplicity of life in order to join with others in going to those who need you, 
from the end of this block to the end of the world, helping others to follow Jesus, 
because that’s the road that Jesus has promised to walk with me. 

And in whatever time I’ve got, let me  use it well, 
for when last grain of sand slips through the middle of my hourglass, 
may there be found  a consistency that reveals the nature and presence of Jesus. 


What else might you add?