A New Perspective: Peace

 Just because something has never been, doesn’t mean it never can be.  It often takes one person to show the way, in order for others to develop a new perspective. 

In the early 1800’s there was a woman from France, named Sophie Blanchard. she was an aeronaut. You and I may not be so familiar with the term. Through these aeronauts, the discovery of movement, lighter than air, to be able to provide a lift off of the surface of the ground, provided a new perspective.   Some of this was captured in the historical fiction movie, The Aeronauts, which was probably one of the first movies we watched during the pandemic.

Based on our current understanding, it’s hard for us to think about the beginning of a new perspective. Hot air balloons regularly dot our skies through summer months in our current times.  In various parts of our province and across our country there are hot air balloon festivals where hundreds of baskets get lifted into the sky, propelled by hot air being released into colourfully designed balloons. The person who does the navigating, weight balancing, and air releasing, is often, these days, called a pilot.  

Madame Blanchard became famous in France and throughout Europe for her hot air balloon shows.  People would gather by the hundreds, paying for tickets to sit in stands and watch her ascend to modest, but never before seen, heights.  She would perform simple tricks while in the air; she would even take her pets and release them (equipped with parachutes) back to the ground! 

She gave people a new perspective. 


Wisdom is learning something new and how to apply it. The wisdom that comes from the Bible, is instrumental in shaping needed new perspectives.  And there’s so much to learn.   One key section we read of how Jesus appeared to a group of his disciples after God powerfully and miraculously raised him from the dead. This had never been done like this before. Understandably it was hard to believe for many of them. But when Jesus appeared to them, he spoke these words: “Peace be with you!”  (John 20:19-23)

Here they were huddled and locked in a room because they were afraid. The religious leaders were after them and the political leaders were after them. And Jesus shows up and offers...peace?  

When we truly understand the peace of God that is for us, then it changes how we deal with fear, chaos and injustice. 

When we grab a new perspective of peace then we will forgive those who offend us. (Matt. 6:14-15: Eph. 4:32)

When we grab a new perspective of peace then we will trust God to deal justly with the injustice that is done. (Rom. 12:19)

When we grab a new perspective of peace then we will go, as those empowered by God to represent peace in a world of turmoil and chaos. We will learn to show kindness to those who oppose us. (Matthew 5:9; 6:38-44)

When we allow God's peace to take hold of us, we get lifted to a new perspective, beyond our understanding. (Philippians 4:6-7)


By the mid 1800s aeronautics had become a science, a means through which discoveries were made about changes in the earth’s atmosphere, as you ascended higher and higher. 


Conducting experiments while ascending and descending to heights of over 36,000 feet in exposed air, has given the world a new perspective. This has led to further development and instrumentation by which we forecast weather and understand nature, in addition to leading to an ever-changing world of air travel. 


Jesus’ offer of peace, which births forgiveness, generosity, reconciliation and harmony challenges our natural instincts of revenge, retaliation, hatred , protectionism and strife. The peace of Jesus continues to bring positive change to a world that desperately needs it in the face of mounting brokenness in our family situations, work situations, school situations, not to mention the escalation of division we feel on national and international scales. 

A new perspective of peace is needed.  In the face of division, blame, complaining and fear may we seek the wisdom of God, who gives generously, to understand and act upon the peace of Jesus. 


A new perspective, births new initiatives that weren’t possible before. A new perspective provides a new framework through which to experience a fullness of life, for us and our community and it is found in Jesus.